• Horsham Folk Club
    One of the longest running clubs in the country. Running a varied and exciting programme from September to July. Also the crucible that incubated the founders of The Broadwood Morris Men.
  • Hepworth & Co. Brewers / Firebird Brewing Company
    Where would any Morris side be without a pint of real ale? Luckily, the Horsham area is blessed with several fine breweries.
  • The Morris Ring
    The national association for Morris Sides in the UK.
  • South Downs Folk Singers
    The blog for singers who want to learn and sing traditional and new South Downs folk songs, sung in the traditional way.
  • South Downs Society
    Protecting the beauty of the South Downs.
  • Songs and Words
    Irene Shettle has done considerable research into the life and works of Lucy Broadwood, and wants to spread the word about Lucy through her talks.
  • The Broadwood Men Facebook Page
    To give a focus on our recent history, current events and to capture photos and reflections from the masses!
  • The Broadwood Men Scrapbook Archive
    To reminsce about our glorious past (should include still pics, videos, scrapbooks and archive materials!!

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