Captain Broadwood gives his blessing
Captain Broadwood gives his blessing

Welcome to the website of the Broadwood Morris Men, Horsham's favourite side since 1972.

The Broadwood Morris Men formed in 1972, so 2022 was our 50th Year.

An embryo side went up to Rusper on Boxing Day 1971 to perform some dances and The Rusper Mummers Play. So successful was the event that "The Broadwood Men" Morris side was founded in January 1972.

We are grateful to the late Captain Broadwood of Lyne House, Rusper, for allowing us the privilege of adopting his family name in commeration of his aunt, Lucy Broadwood who died in 1929.

Lucy lived at Lyne, near Rusper, during the latter half of the 19th century collecting folk music and customs concerning the same regions of Crawley and Horsham throughout which the Broadwood Morris Men now merrily meander. See the History section for more.

The Broadwood Morris Men take to the lanes of West Sussex to “Entertain and delight you with the intricacies of the English Morris*”. Performing dances based on a centuries old tradition (using centuries old dancers) and visiting some of our favourite pubs, as we have since 1972, we invite you to join us to sample the best of English Traditional Dance, Music, Song and Ale.